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Kevni's CMS

This CMS is something you should be able to copy&past on a webserver with PHP, and "just work", which is to say :

  1. Write your articles with a minimalist and intuitive syntax with dynamic previews
  2. Add medias simply by drag&drop
  3. Add link to a future page, click it, write your new page, save. Done !
  4. Convivial tool : it should be easy to customize. No weird library, plain basic PHP.

It was VERY inspired (pillaged) from the lichen project - which you should check !

Credit (pillaged victims)

  1. Lichen (a shameful lot of core js/php/css)
  2. W3C js snippets (drag&drop js)
  3. Mastodon dark theme (css)


What is Kevni anyway ?

Kevni means "moss" in Breton. I picked it because it felt close to lichen, as plant vibes goes within my head.

You could have contributed to lichen's CMS instead !

I'm bad at coding, and I felt it'd be just as easy to make a fork than being a nuisance to the developer.

  1. Nginx/apache config had to be done to use lichen. I hate that - and most cheap hosting service won't even allow it.
  2. I want to drag&drop stuff !
  3. I want a cache system !
  4. I want RSS feeds !
  5. I want it to work even without JS !
  6. I want more "syntax" stuff than what gemtext allows - we should preserve the gemtext spiritual core - AND - add shinies.


I guess it's safe to got with the MIT license because it's so heavily copied from Lichen which uses it ?